Art Workshops in Guatemala
  Maya Cosmovision and Tzolk'in New Year 
 Short Count Calendar  

    6 - 15 December 2012
 Notice I said, Short Count
not the Long Count Calendar.
 Maya have more than one calendar. The more famous Long Count, begins a new 5125.36 year cycle - Baktun - on 21 December 2012. 
No, it's not the end of the world.  
But guaranteed it will be a crazy, busy time in Guatemala.
I think I'll stay home !! 
chichi steps  
However, the 260 day sacred calendar, called the Tzolk'in Calendar, celebrates its New Year, 
called Wajshikib' B'atz on 
12 December 2012.  That's 12/12/12 and  
THAT got my attention !!!  
I took a group to Momostenango for the last 
Wajshikib' B'atz - 27 March 2012.
We all loved it !!  OK, so it poured rain for much 
of the nite, so only a hardy few of us saw the 
ceremonial fires burning on hills all over the small city.
But even those who stayed in bed said it was very special, and well worth the trip. 
So the highlights I have planned are: 
** Burning of the Devil in Antigua on 7 December  (I've never seen this and have always wanted to.)
** Tikal -  learn about the history, 
temples, stelae and experience the night sky
 and sunrise overlooking the Plaza Mayor
 ** Momostenango for Wajshaki 
Batz predawn fire ceremonies - Mayan New Year
** Chichicastenango - meet with a 
spiritual guide and visit Pascual Abaj, learn about the rituals still performed there and experience market day on the first  
day of week long feast day festivities 
for St Thomas the Apostle. 
Our focus will be Mayan Culture - ancient and how it is lived today.  
I've had these dates for this idea on the schedule tentatively.  To be honest, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to make it happen.  However, the stars must be aligned or something.....  it all fell into place just this week. 


I know it is relatively short notice, but please let me know if you are interested in this program
as soon as posssible.  December is high season, a busy time in Guatemala, 
so I can't hold hotel space for too long.       


We'll be busy traveling, but do our best to also explore:
  • The Calendar - a brief overview of Maya calendars and concepts of time determined by their astronomical observations - how did they arrive at winter solstice 2012  ??
  •  Maya Cosmovision - Precession of the Equinoxes - what do these really mean ??  
  • How did Maya astronomers, so many years ago, come up with such an accurate 
    understanding of our solar system, time, it's passing and and how did that
     knowledge influence/determine their world view ??  
  • Mayan Spirituality - how it is practiced today,how it was influenced by the Spanish conquest, relationship with the Catholic Church and now a growing evangelical influence;    
  • The effect of colonization on the indigenous Maya. Why have they survived, 
  • even flourished, under enormous hardship in Guatemala, while most 
  • indigenous tribes in other parts of the Maya world have not.    
What is the complicated relationship between the Maya traditional religious practices and the Catholic Church??  And now, the evangelicals??  
  • The Maya ceremony  today - how the Maya use energy for healing; 
  •         And lastly, I'll (Liza Fourre) offer a few travel photography tips 
  • sessions for any interested folks (assuming time available).
  • (Images by Liza Fourre)  

      ** To learn more about Art Workshops in Guatemala  and 
more than 15 years of providing great learning and cultural experiences,
call Liza  612-825-0747, email or skype (lizafourre).

** Total package price, including RT airfare to Tikal, lodging in a lovely colonial style hotels, a hearty breakfast each morning, ground transportation and some pretty interesting cultural experiences is a very reasonable $2,295.00.

 ** If you'd like to join us, just send in a $500 deposit with the
 registration form on our web page.

Hope to see you this important and energy filled time in Guatemala !!   Liza   



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