Art Workshops in Guatemala
It's time to firm up those fall travel plans !!!
We still have space available, please let us know if you might be able to join us for   flower drawing 
Drawing & Sketching  in  Guatemala with 

Cynthia Padilla


27 October - 5 November 2012


 A highlight of this experience will be visiting cemeteries on November 1

All Saints Day (Dia de los Muertos) 


Join popular instructor Cynthia Padilla (here drawing in a coffee finca garden) for a week submerged in the beauty of the tropical flora and fauna of Guatemala, learning how to render not only the tropical plants of Guatemala, but also picturesque ruins, with flowers tumbling here and there, cobblestone streets, an abundance of fountains and locals dressed in traditional dress for those brave souls who would like to try drawing people. (Photo of Cynthia by Rebecca Dant)  

antigua cupola cynthia  
We'll take a break from gardens to experience 'Dia de los Muertos' (Guatemalans call this day Todos los Santos - All Saints Day)
exploring the local cemetery filled with families visiting their loved ones who have died, flying kites with notes written to them, eating 'fiambre' and celebrating into the night.

  It is an unforgettable experience !!  
Cynthia works miracles with complete beginners, even those with no previous art
experience!!  Her experienced and encouraging step-by-step approach welcomes all skill levels.  Participants are welcome to draw/paint/sketch whatever catches your eye and imagination.  Subject matter is not limited to gardens and plant life.    calla lilly atitlan by liza fourre

You'll spend unhurried time, lulled by the gentle breezes of "the land of eternal spring" and the soothing sounds of splash
ing fountains, 'en plien air', at a variety of local gardens.  Each day begins with an introduction of materials and a demo of technique (pastels, pencil, pen & ink, watercolor).
We base out of UNESCO World Heritage Site Antigua Guatemala, but will spend three nites at Posada Santiago, overlooking gorgeous Lake Atitlan.(Drawing: Antigua Cupula by Cynthia Padilla; Images: Calla Lilly / Atitlan - taken from Posada garden) by Liza Fourre 



Join us and begin a lifelong habit of journaling in nature and return home with a collection of small, frameable works of art in breathtaking detail. Even accomplished artists will be thrilled with newly learned art techniques and this Mayan cultural adventure.    
Comments from Cynthia's students:

" Cynthia was simply phenomenal.  I feel like Antigua and Lake Atitlan were made to draw, paint and photograph.   Heartfelt thanks to the people of Guatemala for allowing me to capture all flower drawingyour beauty on paper."
Kathryn Perrine 10/11 and returning 10/12

 "I'm going to recommend this trip to my art pals"  Beth Rys / art teacher 7/09

"I appreciated Cynthia's patience and that she stuck to getting the lessons in, despite our wanderings. I learned a lot that will be invaluable to getting back into painting after 25 years."  
Sue Sill / artist 7/09

"No matter what else I ever do in life, that trip to Antigua, Guatemala to
take your painting workshop will always be one of the best things I
ever did.  It was just wonderful." 
Gay Dowdy 2/07

" Cynthia was a wonderful instructor. She has a way about her that really encourages the artist in everyone no matter what their skill level is. I was really able to take away a lot of new skills! Thanks for everything."  Rebecca Dant  2/07


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