Art Workshops in Guatemala
  Mayan Cosmovision and the Long Count Calendar

 2012 is finally here !!

Join us 

        7 - 16  M
arch 2012           
and explore the hype,
the science and
hopes for the
 beginning of a new
  Baktun cycle in the
Maya Long Count calendar...   
You'd have to be living in a cave to not know that this year's winter solstice,
21 December 2012, is the end date of the 13 Baktun cycles of the Maya Long Count calendar.
 In Maya numerology that is  The LC calendar (the Maya have many calendars)
then resets and we start a new 'World Age' of another 13 Baktun cycles (5125.36 years). 
chichi steps It's a fascinating subject, and I've long wanted to learn more about the Long Count calendar, and also gain a better understanding of the history of this ancient civilization that so brilliantly constructed Tikal, Palenque, Copan and countless other bustling cities, and whose astronomers created the most accurate calendars ever devised.  

  How did they, so many years ago, come up with such an accurate understanding of our solar system, time, it's passing and and how did that influence/determine their world view (cosmovison) ?? 


What does the Long Count end date really mean ??

 What do anthropologists, archeologists and scientists have to say?? 

And the Maya Elders and day keepers still practicing
in the highlands?? 

 Can somebody please just give me the Cliff Notes
on the Popol Vuh ?? !!

Don't other indigenous cultures predict drastic changes within a smiliar time frame in their own folklore ??  What's with all this extreme weather we've been having !! 

tikalI have so many questions and time is running out!       
Being kind of a last minute, put it together but it always works out great, type of person myself, I decided to devote a workshop to exploring these questions and I invite you to join me as I delve into the learning.   


We'll read a few books, discuss them and meet with local people who know a lot more about this subject than I do.  Together we'll explore:
  • The Calendar - a brief overview of Maya calendars and concepts of time determined by their astronomical observations - how did they arrive at winter solstice 2012  ??
  •  Maya Cosmovision - Precession of the
    Equinoxes - what do these really mean ??    
  • We'll visit Tikal - learn about the history,
    temples, stelae and experience the night sky
     and sunrise overlooking the Plaza Mayor;   
  • Mayan Spirituality - how it is practiced today,
    how it was influenced by the Spanish conquest, relationship with the Catholic Church and now a growing evangelical influence;    
  • Make an alfombra for the Sunday procession
    from Jocotenango;         
  • Maya ceremony - how the Maya use energy for healing;    
  • Build a 'spirit house' - I came upon my first 'spirit house' hidden in the woods in Santiago Atitlan this past November. I want to learn more and make one;      
  • Visit the Museo Popol Vuh in Guatemala city (assuming time available);        
  • And lastly, I'll (Liza Fourre) offer a few travel photography tips sessions  
  • for any interested folks (assuming time available).

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