Art Workshops in Guatemala
Are you a person who enjoys creating art, maybe collecting all sorts of odd things, putting them together in a collage, but in a more meaningful way ??  
 Then join us in lovely Guatemala for   
   kents ruins
Artful Self Exploration
using SoulCollage®
20 - 29 March  2014  
         *** So what is SoulCollage® ??  
It is relaxing, creative fun that anyone can do.  It's a way of combining art, collage, symbolism and journaling and finding that somehow, in the process of creating a deck of cards that naturally reflect the many facets of who you are, you've also learned how to better access your own creative intuition.   
COLORFUL BRAIDS Kathleen sees the creative process as soul-tending; a means of maintaining balance and wellness of mind, body and spirit. Consequently, she weaves throughout the class opportunities for students to learn from each other, share experiences, and explore how to live an authentic life wholeheartedly.  You'll be amazed at how this simple process can assist you in navigating the many aspects of your daily life!! 


You'll begin the workshop in Antigua, a wonderful inspiration for any artistic endeavor. After four hours of morning class, we have field trips and cultural experiences that will add richness to your artwork.  These include: 
** A Mayan ceremony with spiritual guide Calixta;
procession park
** Making tamales at Dona Filo's house, 
** Learning about weaving with Dona LIdia and her family.  
  ** A highlight will be experiencing one of Antigua's Lenten processions.  Devoted Antiguenos carry andas (floats)  of Jesus and Mary from the church in Jocotenango throughout the streets of Antigua all day until it returns to the church at night.  
** Families then design and create elaborate alfombras (carpets made of sawdust, flowers and pine needles) in the streets in front of their homes. Then as the andas carrying Jesus and Mary pass by, it walks over the carpet, and it is all gone in an instant. 
** As a class, we'll create a carpet in front of our hotel.  It is a much more meaningful experience when you can participate, instead of being just an observer. 
** We also spend part of our time at Lake Atitlan, at the Posada Santiago in Santiago Atitlan, in the heart of the Mayan world. Santiago is home to many of Guatemalan's fine artists, and a great place to shop. 
** Imagine creating your artwork from this viewpoint overlooking Lake Atitlan and
 San Pedro volcano !!  
** This is a wonderful art and cultural experience for artists of all skill levels.  Both novice and experienced artists are welcome.  
For more information, contact Liza via 
 - email, skype lizafourre or call  612-825-0747 or Kathleen at

 is an artist, a soul searcher and a natural teacher. After graduating in studio arts 

with a concentration in printed textile design from Mount Mary College in Milwaukee, she spent years teaching art to people of all ages in addition to creating and selling her own  work.  Through this, she discovered that making art helped her better understand herself and the world around her, and also that the arts have a healing quality.  So she returned to school and received a masters in art therapy from Vermont College.


 Kathleen was introduced to SoulCollage® by a fellow art therapist and found the process so creatively satisfying and useful that she became one of now thousands of SoulCollage® facilitators worldwide and has been sharing the process ever since. 


In 2005, Kathleen opened her rural Wisconsin home to become a successful weekend retreat center called Full Circle Retreat for adults who wish to explore or expand themselves creatively.


Kathleen continues a life-long exploration of the art forms, teachings and spiritual practices that facilitate self-knowing and our own healing capacity.  She loves to share these with others so that all who wish to may benefit from the clarity, peace, compassion and joy they can bring to our everyday life.  Her particular interest lies in where imagery, neuroscience, and spiritual practice intersect. (Image: Soul Collage® Mandala by
Kathleen Grittner)

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