Art Workshops in Guatemala
ruins?? Join  your  favorite  instructor 

 for a watercolor and  Guatemala processions

Watercolor/  Ink and Wash  

14 - 23  March   2013
So, you've been hearing about Marian's trips to Guatemala for years now !! You've seen her pictures - if not ask to do so.  Don't you think it's time to join her for a visually exciting and unforgettable artistic experience at one of 
the most gorgeous 'on-location' locations in the world.

There are so many paintable subjects in ANTIGUA - from picturesque ruins and cobblestone streets to colorfully dressed Guatemalan children in the parks and markets to the exotic gardens of the homes we stay in - that you won't know where to begin!!

Marian works with each participant's ability, but likes to start with the basics.  She'll cover elements of composition, value studies and demonstrate different ways to put color washes on paper.   She'll explain how to choose a paintable subject.  This is particularly important when painting on lo
cation outdoors - - as we do in this workshop. 

Artists often become overwhelmed when faced with too much detail.  You'll then concentrate on
learning to see less - rather than more.  With that new skill, you'll learn to quickly capture the essence of the subject in front of you by sketching with ink and adding color washes.  Marian's skill lies in helping her
students paint realistically -- but more spontaneously.   

As a class, you'll have the opportunity to paint at a variety of nearby locations including the centuries old convent ruins of Santa Clara and in the luscious gardens at Quinta de las Flores.  We'll also head up to spectacularly gorgeous LAKE ATITLAN, painting as the sun sets behind the volcanoes while  indigenous women still gather at the lakeside to wash their clothes on the rocks. 

carpetmaking *** A highlight of this workshop is Sunday, when you'll see 'alfombras' - carpets made of sawdust, flowers and pine needles that families design and create in the streets in front of their homes. 

They do this each Sunday during Lent, before processions pass by -- hundreds of people from churches carrying 'andas' - heavy floats - on their shoulders, with figures of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and other saints. 

*** So, as a class, we'll make our own alfombra in front of the hotel. It's a much richer experience if you 
can participate, not just observe as a tourist.  
 Hope to see you soon in Guatemala !!!

*** Total package price, including tuition, lodging in lovely colonial style hotels, a hearty breakfast each morning, all ground transportation (including airport PU and travel to Lake Atitlan) and some pretty interesting field trips is US$1,925.  Art supplies are not included

*** If you'd like to join us, just fill out our registration form and mail to us with your deposit.

Or, email, call 612-825-0747 or skype lizafourre and we'll get you all set to go !! 
(Most reliable is email)


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