Art Workshops in Guatemala
Art Workshops in Guatemala
Celebrate United Nations  Dia de las Mujeres  
(Day of the Woman) in Nebaj
  With award winning photojournalist


4 - 13 March 2010
 We have a lot of interest in this photo adventure, so best to register soon !!
 nebaj  women un dayI took one of our photo workshops up to Nebaj a few years ago, and by pure coincidence (and enormous luck) we were there on March 8, the United
Nations Dia de la Mujer
(Day of the Woman).

It was such a fabulous experience that a few of those students told me they HAD to go again. One of
our instructors, Nance Ackerman, specializes in portraits of indigenous women, so this festive gathering of women is a perfect fit for her.  Nance shot the images for the
book Womankind: Faces of Change Around the World.  (Nebaj photo by Kathy Thompson)

"Wasn't quite sure just what to expect but got a great deal out of the course,
far more than I anticipated.  Best of all was the one-on-one time with Nance. 
I learned so much from her.  I thought the value was excellent plus!!!"  Dorothy Sturges

nancedonafelicaNance is a Canadian photojournalist whose focus is photographing native communities of the Americas.  Her book, Womankind: Faces of Change Around the World, published by Raincoast Books, is an exploration of 47 women activists from around the world.  Her work has appeared on the covers of TIME, Canadian Geographic, in the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, and Sports Illustrated and her photographs of First Nations have been on display at Aperture in New York City, the McCord Museum in Montreal and the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa.  She freelances for the Smithsonion and recently delved into directing films. Her first, Cottonland, won Best Direction award at the 2006 Atlantic Film Festival.
(Photo by Liza Fourre - Nance demonstrating natural lighting)

**Total package price, including tuition, lodging in a lovely colonial style hotel, a hearty breakfast each morning, ground transportation and some pretty interesting cultural experiences is US$1,945.
** If you'd like to join us, just send in a $500 deposit and the
registration form on our web page.
Or, call me, Liza, 612-825-0747
and we'll get you set to go!! 

Comments from Nance's students:

"I enjoyed the other participants in both workshops, and Nance really
made me think about photography as an art form, as opposed to
just something to support my writing."   Torie Olson  10/07

"When I was with Nance I said, "Sometimes I feel that if I can't photograph it,
there's no need for me to experience it. If I can't bring my camera in,...
I move on." This trip reversed that thinking.
When one woman we spoke with at the graveyard in Santiago
burst out crying remembering her son,... I knew it didn't matter
that I couldn't get this on film. It was about so much more
than taking the picture.  If /when I return to Guatemala,
it will be to see these families and meet even more people.

I'm in awe of the world you've shown me.
I will hold any other trip up to comparison against Artguat.
I just hope there are other opportunities out there that are as wonderful as this one was.  Jason Longchamps 10/07
God, could I gush more? Feel free to post a link on your site to show others what they are in for...Indigenous portraits    Todos Santos (and Maximon)


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