Late June '98

Dear all --

Well, our numbers are growing. I'm sending this letter and schedules to all of our past participants -- and since 76 folks joined us in Guatemala for workshops last year -- we are getting way big!! Probably what is becoming the most fun for me, is having people return year after year - and sometimes even twice in the same year!! When these folks walk in the door, it really feels like old friends are coming back to visit.

Our biggest change for the coming year is travel to Lake Atitlan will no longer be an assumed part of each workshop. As much as I love the lake, it's just too much for me and Jessenia to be traveling with each of our groups. And, although some think I'm crazy, we are looking for baby #2. In addition, we have people returning for their fourth time and many are interested in traveling to other parts of Guatemala instead, such as Tikal or the Rio Dulce.

We also have more local participants taking classes and they have clearly said they are not interested in attending classes outside of Antigua. And security on the roads is a concern. We had police escorts this past year for trips to the lake. And I will continue to do that as long as I feel it's necessary. Antigua is still very safe. In fact, I feel safer there now than I did a few years ago.

Check out the 1998-99 schedule. I'm thrilled with some of our new classes (like how did it take me three years to think of having a carpeting making workshop during Semana Santa!!) and the addition of new top notch faculty. I've enclosed an extra copy for you to pass on to someone you think might be interested. We are still relying on favorable word of mouth from folks like you to help spread the word.

We have a new policy of $50 off for all returning students. And you can take even more off ($50 per person) if you recruit friends to take a workshop, too. Hopefully that will be a little bit of an incentive to get you to visit us again in lovely Antigua.

Hope all is well -- and that you are enjoying your summer. I keep saying, and it's true, that I feel like my head is above water for the first time in years, and I'm thoroughly enjoying a more reasonable pace. Jessenia loves it, too. She is still incredibly cute and bright and inquisitive. She goes to park programs three mornings a week and we're working on maintaining that Spanish!!

Grande abrazos y besitos de nosotros Liza and Jessenia