23 September 1996

Dear all --

Sorry for the form letter -- but since this is going only to folks who have taken our workshops -- you all have a clue as to what my life is like. Enough said.

Here's our upcoming schedule of classes. I'm sorry I'm late in getting it to you. The summer has been good, but overwhelmingly busy.

I'm thrilled with the additions of new faculty and classes. My criteria has always been that if my reaction to a new workshop suggestion is -- hey - I'd like to take that!!! Then we give it a shot. I hope you find something you'd like to return to Guatemala for -- or know someone you could pass this information on to. We are still relying on favorable word of mouth from folks like you to get the word out.

For those of you online, we are FINALLY wrapping up a new design for the web page. Wish I could decide on a background color!!! Here's the address for the construction page so you can check it out and email me an opinion. http://www.d.umn.edu/~pedstrom/newguat/

When it's finished, we'll move it to an aol address and then LOOK OUT WORLD.

The test color is on the textile/fiber arts page. Really, send me your thoughts.

Hope all is well -- and we'd love to see you again in Antigua!!

Liza (and Joey) Fourré

Email: Artguat@aol.com Website: http://www.d.umn.edu/~pedstrom/guat/